Know the ancient significance of turmeric herb from its origin.

Turmeric plant is no unique these days where the masses are dealing with rising inflammation and lifestyle issues. It has become common finding its place in most of the recipe and drinks. When I heard about gold Turmeric latte, I was in haste- fascinated to taste the tinge of this new arrival.

Turmeric comes from a plant named Circuma Longa- native of south Asia. Indian foods has basically been addictive of this beautiful yellow creature since ancient times of their existence. Turmeric: in fact, has a place in their culture to give a touch of its bones in every auspicious occasion- be it any marriage, or buying a vehicle or a house etc. Except that it is a wonder in its healing properties, does it really need this exclamation in its sacred rituals and offerings. Doesn’t matter. Anyways, Indian subcontinent has used turmeric in a host number of illness to treat them successfully. Here are some important things about this herb.

It contains a compound called Curcuminoids, Curcumin is the most active among it. Curcumin is a powerful anti inflammatory compound believed to be most beneficial.

One did not understand its anti-oxidant properties until they will know about some of its common uses: A recipe made with lots of ghee and some black pepper, nuts and other spices, to be taken after pregnancy to ward off or fight the elevated inflammation in women’s body; Also a thick paste of viscous turmeric mixed with jaggery is given to the cow just after the delivery to fight inflammation.

In general, it’s tough to absorb circumin in blood and its been proved that mixing it with some black pepper and some fats make it to avail around 2000% more. This recipe is often beneficial in cold, cough and flu.

Curcumin is good for brain function with its strong anti-inflammatory properties thus increasing protection against various brain degenerative diseases. Also, putting some turmeric in milk and drinking just before sleep helps in insomnia. It also boosts BDNF in brain.

Curcumin has protective benefits against heart disease by working with keeping its blood vessels healthy. It also works in treating and preventing cancer if taken in right doses.

Curcumin also works in Arthritis by treating joint inflammation with its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

I have been for some time, become a great fan of raw roots of turmeric, and often use it in juicing. It’s real cheap and works wonder in daily uplifting of the metabolism, balancing the hormones, and working with the free radicals. It also contains small amounts of protein, fiber,vitamin c and others.

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