The leap to move past our fears

Strength is the ability to hone the toughest muscles in our body; and, in this case it must be our brain.

To work against the tyranny of our mind is to lull its very appearance out of its gloom. To wait for that courage to speak at the front door of our intuition has been long rehearsed. If you are an actor of this endeavor, and well, if you have your legs…. and hands on the steering, where do you think will be the stop. I know you’ll love dangling in the clouds, but here you are, travelling the slope and in the meanders and through the hills and sanity, making acquaintance with the journey which is “The.” important.

Meanwhile, Try to take the full view of your absence sometime and snap it, frame it in your heart, and you will realize a flow of your human awareness calling out from your veins, reaching in your palms and literally growing with your hairs(don’t expect if you are bald or short of these forests…oh just kidding.)

If you can see life like always trapped in an observatory, you should experiment the hell out of it.

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