Want to submit yourself to mediocrity-read this

We walk our highways amid a lot of hue and cry, a lot of lust for the craziness to race and jump ahead. We often feel hard in catching the breath of fresh perspective, we just rush and fall in line for the moments to buy. we would have realized how easily we frown at our patience to submit to any kind of trends. In the mist of this approval we long for a hazy walk unclear under some influence only to return with shaky and swinging disapproval of our self. Life of ours is like a matter, it has different states of thinking and living. It has to be put on and channelized in these states to make a sense of it. It will always be tough to realize the walks and start afresh, Start with matter-in different channels. Everything is placed best and suited better if we need them. Every life has its own individuality- a unique me. We must open our self to dictate and make life on terms of our own nerves. Clear should be the thinking to astonish the practicality of our inner selves. Sometimes its all mote and dust, squirrel and birds, cold and frost, and; amid these we have to chose our closeness to consider one particular beginnings and sail through it and find corners, deserts, life and sometimes ourselves.

The one thing:

the demise of our craft that has eased the process of our infallible with growing years of our degeneration has made us to submit to this process and avoid fear at best, and never to think about that one thing which flourished our growth, our soul, our memory,long years, this thing that I am at my best, which still I can make mistakes and grow. This thing that I must pick and make a whole of it. Think about Giving time to it, swallow again the rawness to purify and disable the fear of it. This only one thing.

The fresh air:

we must think about submitting our breath to clean the purpose of our soul. We must think about things ahead of the general clutter of the daily bombardments. We should approve our self to looking so open like this mother nature to accept every possible survival. Our earth supports life in letting every unnecessary existence survive and; so, we should let the thinking of fresh air blow more rapidly.

Simple steps:

appreciate life and learn to look at every simple drops that do evolve in to making a bigger impact. Look to observe life in small terms and take pride in its availability, the very muse about it. When we start considering the very plainness of a surface, we will start feeling blessed about our mere walking on it with the sense of equality of our base. This divine and holy assumption of the simplicity of our survival will set us to a sense of bigger cultural and material harmony.

The big watch:

we must help others to reconsider life in terms of the evaluation of the general strata of goings in terms of defining habits and goal settings. The impact in the bigger picture must be built on through these all years of vast debris of experience. Do it all and never cease to impress this all earthly blushing elements which knows the very best of everything.

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